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Good During : Apr.1, 2020 ~ Nov.6, 2020
<Chef's Recommendation> Different Cuisine Every Month
Dinner and breakfast includedMax capacity : persons Check-in : 15:00~18:00 Check-out : 10:00

Fresh Catch from Kuihama Bay,an Orient Hamaguri Calm Sushi

[Seasonal Dishes]
Cherrish Mackerel with Balsamic Jelly
Roast Beef with Tomato and Miso Sauce
Prosciutto and Cheese
Egg Rolled Bamboo Shoot Fish Cake
Smoked Salmon and Roe with Horseradish
Simmered Monkfish Liver

[Raw Fish]
Sashimi Platter 3 types

[Main Dish]
Tajima Beef Shabu Shabu with Grated Apple Vinegar dipping Sause

[Steamed Dish]
Steamed Hamaguri Calm Egg Custard

[Fried Dish]
Deep Fried Salted and Dried Sandfish

[Last Dish]
Steamed Rice with Grilled Tajima Beef and Burdock,Clear Soup, Pickles

Cherry Flavored Egg Pudding


Special notes of price Children under 3 years old who do not require anything may stay free of charge. If anything is needed guests are asked to pay for any needed item individually.

Guests wishing to make reservations under the student plan must present a valid student I.D. at check-in. If no I.D. is shown the student discount fee is waved and the guests will be expected to pay the regular price.
Tax etc Service fees and consumption taxes included in pricing.
Extra charges for:
Hot spring tax per person/night (adults only, JPY150)
Public bath admission fee (adults JPY210, children half off)

Cancellation Policy Cancellation fees for overnight guests:
No show/the afternoon of the day of(100%)
The morning of(50%)
1 day before(30%)
2 days before(20%))
Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible.

Cancellation fees for lunchtime reservations only:
Day of (100%)
1 day before (50%)
2~3 days before (30%)

Internet cancellation Cancellations are taken 00:00 am 3 days
Reservation inquiry or cancellation
Reservation inquiry or cancellation